Announcing our Merger, June 2017

In June 2017, Standard Fabrication became part of the AssembleTronics family of businesses.    Learn more about the merger and our new parent company by reading the following letter. 

AssembleTronics Merger 2017 

BUCKYBALL, 2015 - MOnumental Pedestal

A New York–based architectural design firm was working on a major project in our area and needed a local metal fabrication company. Buckyball, 2015, is an outdoor work of art commissioned by Nancy Nasher and David Haemisegger in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of NorthPark Center in Dallas. This unique art installation by Leo Villareal uses 4,500 LED nodes in a series of pentagons and hexagons, custom software and electrical hardware to generate over 16 million distinct colors.  

Standard Fabrication was contracted to work with the design firm to manufacture the monumental pedestal for the installation.  
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