Whether you need to improve an existing machine or build a new one, let us add years of productivity and safety!
When it's time to give new life to a faithful old machine... 


Are you looking for a fabrication company with the people, equipment, and expertise to take the stress out of rebuilding and enhancing your equipment to extend it's life or bring it back into compliance?
With electrical and mechanical engineering, metal fabrication and manufacturing capabilities, we can help you make the necessary improvements to your equipment or help you build a better one.

Capabilities include: 
  • Experience Sales Engineers 
  • Engineering (Mechanical & Electrical)
  • Process Controls Design and Integration
  • Precise Metal Fabrication
  • Assembly & Testing
We can help you evaluate your project, provide an estimate, and, if approved, get the process started.  
When it's time to give an old process a new machine... 


If you have a manufacturing process that requires a new machine to improve efficiency and/or safety, we would be happy to discuss making your machine a reality - just like we did for Texas Nameplate and the iScrubber. 

They needed a new machine to transform their production process. We worked with Texas Namepate to create the first "iScrubber" which vastly improved efficiency and removed harmful chemicals and material waste from the plate scrubbing process. 

Learn about the iScrubber project - click here.