RedRhino High Security Cabinets
High Security, Customization & Portability
Our RedRhino line of cabinets is built tough for a diverse range of uses. Its heavy duty construction and flexibility of features make this cabinet an excellent storage solution for many uses, including:
  • Garage
  • Storage unit
  • Job site
  • Warehouse
  • Military 
  • Gas rig
When you are ready to move it's location, we have features that make it much easier to move than a standard safe or cabinet. 
Standard Features include:
  • High Security Quad-Lock Design
  • Shelving
  • Weather-seal
  • Bolt-down ready
  • Forklift ready skid-lift brackets 
  • Lift bracket / “sleeve” (back side)
  • Heavy gauge metal


High Security: Quad-Lock Design
  • Hockeypuck lock - most high security padlock there is
  • Latch assembly designed with high security padlock open/close handle also padlock ready with up to 1/2 inch lock (conventional style padlock)
  • Bolt-Down Ready - bolt to floor with optional installation hardware
  • Fork Lift Pocket Protector Plate - prevent access to floor mounting bolts ( heavy gauge bolt down brackets; 3/8” diameter mounting holes)​
Hinges Custom
  • designed using 316 stainless steel; 
  • Pry-resistant hinges with internal bronze bearings (permanently lubricated); 
  • Integrated doorstop - hinges prevent door from opening beyond 115 degrees
  • Internal counter-measure should hinges be cut off
  • High capacity removable internal horizontal locking shelf brackets; adjustable shelving (and drawers) that securing locks in for safe transport 
  • Self-locking; designed for transport, loaded or not
  • 300 pound capacity per shelf
  • Optional drawer kits 
  • 16 gauge with stainless steel latches; ballbearing drawer slides (smooth operating)
  • Full welded construction
  • locking latches (optional)
  • Shelf lips (optional) - one inch high front lip (edge) of shelves available in order to prevent contents from falling off shelves (in transit)​
  • Lifting D-rings on top; welded; 1/2 x 3 inches
  • Forklift ready - integrated (integral) captive forklift / skidlift pockets (channels) on back/bottom of cabinet; standard width, 2 inches high; captive = cabinet can be moved while fully loaded without worry of it coming off forklift; cover plate locks in to protect pockets
  • Lift Bracket / “sleeve” on back side for easy loading onto service vehicle​
Waterproof enclosure
  • Waterproof enclosure - NEMA 3R style construction with weather stripping/gasketted; dust-tight; rain-proof; continuous (1-piece) replaceable door gasket
  • 11 gauge construction; hot-rolled (316) stainless steel
  • 304 stainless steel handle (padlock ready)
  • Pry-resistant door; 1/2 inch internal flange
  • Internal latch - 3 point latch that uses 1 1/2 inch rectangular steel bolts
  • Corrosion resistant hardware; non-magnetic steel; rustproof (confirm)
  • Latch (add to latch section)
  • Emergency internal escape handle​
Color/Finish Options
  • Standard paint colors: Black (flat or glossy), Beige, Gray, Navy, Green, Red, Yellow...
  • Military Colors
  • High Security Blue
  • ANSI, RAS or other color system specifications available
  • Custom finishes are available upon request. One-time setup fee applies.
  • Paint is applied in a five step coating process which includes a baked on polyester
​Need other branding options? Ask us about labels, vinyl decals and other custom branding applications.
  • Pallet-sized; fits within dimensions of a standard pallet?
  • Gang Box
  • Bin - Four-sided superstructure to be mounted on a pallet base, with or without a cover; also known as a box or container bin pallet
  • Portable Secure Storage
  • Load, Lock, Lift, Leave
  • Heavy duty construction and quality manufacturing
  • Secure / Superior Security
  • Weatherproof sealed cabinet
  • Quality Metal Fabrication
  • Convenient storage and transport-ready
  • Flexible Storage Options
Call to Order at ​214.466.7981
Size & Capacity
  • Outside dimensions: 74" tall x 42" wide x 30" deep
  • Door opening: 66" tall x 34" wide
  • Shelf: 40.5" wide x 24.625" deep
  • Pull-out Drawer (Optional): 27.5" wide x 22.75" deep x 5” tall
  • Inside Cubic Feet: 49 (approx) 
  • Designed for standard ISO skid size
  • Designed to fit through standard 36 door​
  • ​Inquire about custom sizes

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