Architectural Metal WOrk

The Fabrication of a Monumental Pedestal

A CASE STUDY:  BUCKYBALL, 2015  /  NorthPark Center (Dallas)

A New York–based architectural design firm was working on a major project in our area and needed a local metal fabrication company. Buckyball, 2015, is an outdoor work of art commissioned by Nancy Nasher and David Haemisegger in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of NorthPark Center in Dallas. This unique art installation by Leo Villareal uses 4,500 LED nodes in a series of pentagons and hexagons, custom software and electrical hardware to generate over 16 million distinct colors.  

Standard Fabrication was contracted to work with the design firm to manufacture the monumental pedestal for the installation. Services provided include estimating, engineering, precision metal fabrication, finishing and installation in the garden at NorthPark. The fabrication included two parts, the metal frame, and the outer “shell.” The metal frame was formed by precisely cutting, welding and fitting steel tubing and angle iron.  The outer shell was created by taking aluminum sheets and laser cutting, forming, fitting and finishing each section. On installation day, our team assisted the well-organized project team, making adjustments as needed, assuring a safe and aesthetically pleasing install.  

Providing a firm foundation for such an amazing piece of art at a Dallas landmark location was a wonderful opportunity. If you have a creative metalwork project and need a quality metal fabrication partner to make the dream (or a stack of drawings) become a reality, please contact our sales team to get started.
As part of a family-owned business established in 1994, Standard Fabrication, Inc. provides precise metal fabrication and contract manufacturing services that include Engineering & Design, Laser Cutting, CNC Punching, Forming & Rolling, Welding, Finishing, and Assembly. With more than 55,000 square feet, our facility is conveniently located in Dallas, Texas.  From prototype development to small and large production runs, from the simple part  to architectural metal work to complex finished products, Standard Fabrication will deliver excellence on every piece. 
​Thank you for the pedestal in Dallas.  We were very impressed with the level of detail and the quality of the work.  I know the folks over at NorthPark are very pleased as well.

Michael Byrnes, Leo Villareal Studio
Yes, all went well with your part. Thanks for the follow-up.  We really appreciated all of the hard work your team put into the project. Light shows from 5pm-midnight every night! 

RJ Reissig, Project Manager -
Design & Construction, NorthPark Management Co.